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OpenIcar Platform — Comsoft Docs

Comsoft Docs is a corporate document management and digital archiving system.

The Comsoft Docs system is designed to automate business processes involved in managing the documents life cycle and maintaining the company’s digital archive.

The system provides an opportunity to deploy an integrated document management solution for a management company and a network of subsidiaries and their subdivisions.

Comsoft Docs functionality is as follows:

  • Modelling, executing and monitoring business processes
  • Managing documents via the unified digital storage and expandable attributes
  • Quick search for documents by their details and full-text search in attachments of various formats based on the morphology of the Russian language
  • Import/export of files to different archiving and document management systems
  • Keeping records of incoming and outgoing correspondence, as well as internal documents
  • Preparing and approving drafts and documents
  • Reviewing documents, saving resolutions and setting terms of their performance
  • Sending documents internally by specified routes
  • Sending notifications for tasks and monitoring task performance
  • Digital document archiving
  • Generating document registration numbers in a configured format (using prefixes, postfixes, and special symbols)
  • Assigning access rights
  • Keeping a system log and recording all user operations
  • Generating printable forms and reports
  • An information portal available

Special Features

  1. Compliant with the Russian standards and records management guidelines; features simple administrative tools and a user-friendly web interface; supports email services and instant messaging systems.
  2. Detailed logging of all system events and monitoring the performance of prescribed procedures.
  3. Printable versions of reports in the HTML, XLS, DOC, PDF, and CSV formats.
  4. A capability of contextual and advanced searching storage contents (document attributes can be specified) The availability of a searched expression is checked in the name or description of links and in the name, description, key words, message texts, and files of various formats (DOC, RTF, XLS, PPT, PDF, HTML, and TXT) attached to the text messages. The search is carried out taking into account the Russian language morphology.
  5. Integration with the Documentum EMC system.
  6. Provides the functionality of a system that handles appeals filed to public authorities, local governments, and responsible officers in accordance with Federal Law No. 59 on the Procedure of Handling Appeals Submitted by the Citizens of the Russian Federation dated 02.05.2006. External users may register with the system, submit their appeals, monitor the list and status of their appeals, and receive responses to the appeals within the system.

Major Users of Comsoft Docs