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OpenIcar Platform

The OpenIcar platform is a platform technology for developing cutting-edge process-oriented application solutions.

Key Features

  • BPMN 2.0 standard support.
  • Comprehensive support for the entire process lifecycle, from modelling to the execution of business processes and business objects metadata management.
  • When used to implement executable business processes, it enables the real-time direct access to work results of analysts and consultants.
  • Declarative descriptions of business objects and business logic help to reduce the development costs.
  • OpenIcar’s variability and adaptability allow to effectively resolve issues involved in the customization of processes to meet the requirements of each customer and related to the future support of introduced modifications.

Platform Components

  • Business objects metadata management
  • Management of applied business logic components
  • A business process editor
  • A business process execution engine and services
  • A user interface module
  • A reporting module

OpenIcar-based Products

Comsoft Docs
A corporate document management and digital archiving system designed to automate business processes involved in managing the documents life cycle and maintaining the company’s digital archive.
A utility connection management information system designed to automate business processes involved in managing connections of power receivers to electricity mains.
An information system to collect and process electrical grid disturbance data, designed to timely provide stakeholders with accurate and complete information on disconnected/failed power supply equipment and transmission lines and the number and composition of disconnected/failed power consumers.