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Software Development

The analysis of best practices showed that the composite or component approach based on some platform technology is the best for the construction of modern informatisation systems.

When developing an IT system, we use the aforesaid and other approaches specified in the IT system requirements.

Here in Comsoft, we have developed two platforms that can be used for these purposes together with the following repository, tools, and mechanisms:

ICAR Platform
Modelling, rapid application development (RAD), component technology, adaptation, and execution of enterprise management functions.
It is an instrumented runtime system used to develop corporate IT systems for business management.
OpenIcar Platform
Comprehensive support for the entire process lifecycle from modelling to the execution of business processes. Open and service-oriented. BPMN 2.0 standard support.
It is a Business Process Management System
First of all, Comsoft’s repository is a storage for two types of reference libraries.
  • The function libraries support corresponding actions performed by company’s employees when carrying out various activities, both the main and supporting. They allow to implement functions involved in business processes
    The process template libraries support proccesses involved in any activity
  • Secondly, the repository stores business models and an archetype object model
  • Thirdly, It contains document and business operation templates and various metadata.
In other words, the repository stores business logic of the system.
Business logic is a formalized description (model) of an informatisation object using various methods (notations) and corresponding modelling tools. Modelling tools help to create models of the informatisation object.
Mechanisms are engines that execute models and support management activities in the company or enterprise.
Tools and Mechanisms
Tools and mechanisms comprise an instrumented runtime part of the system. An instrumented component provides the system with tools to model various activities while the runtime component represents an environment allowing these models to function.