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IT Outsourcing

The full IT outsourcing

The full IT outsourcing solution involves the contracting out of the development, deployment, and support of information systems to an external specialized company. You can hand over the entire IT function at your company’s infrastructure level (supporting equipment, hardware, and software) or outsource part of activities related to the development and/or support of individual system components (programming, hosting, testing, etc.) to our company.

Full outsourcing ensures efficient and effective IT performance in the company and involves the introduction of innovations and improvements and carrying out other operations on a regular basis.

As a rule, full outsourcing involves the transfer of employees from the current employer to a new one.

Comprehensive IT services

Comprehensive IT services include the following:

  • Deploying software;
  • Supporting the deployed software;
  • Supporting the IT infrastructure.

The software deployment processinvolves the customization of software to meet specific use conditions, extending basic functionality, software configuration, making up guidelines and reference materials, personnel training, testing, putting the products into operation and their support.

Support and maitenance of the deployed software is performed by Service Desk and include scaling and adjusting software functionality to the changing conditions.

Maintenance of the IT infrastructure involves the following:

  • Implementing and supporting a server infrastructure required to deploy a network;
  • Implementing and supporting an infrastructure of your company’s local area networks;
  • Implementing and supporting an external data communication infrastructure.

In addition to the full outsourcing solution, there are some other options:

  • Functional outsourcing
  • IT staff outsourcing
  • Service Desk outsourcing

Functional outsourcing

Functional outsourcing is contracting out part of the IT department’s functions to a third-party IT company. For example, the functional IT outsourcing solution can include the following activities:

  • Deploying software;
  • Supporting the deployed software;
  • Service Desk support of end users.

However, it does not cover the support and maintenance of the IT infrastructure. This option is based on a clear division of responsibilities between your IT department and the third-party IT company. Their cooperation is explicitly described in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Staff outsourcing (or outstaffing)

Staff outsourcing (or outstaffing) is a service that allows to engage third-party specialists or groups of specialists with relevant knowledge and expertise to handle specific tasks.

The Service Desk outsourcing

The Service Desk outsourcing solution allows to take care of the following tasks performed by the customer support service:

  • Receiving and processing customer requests;
  • Consulting customers and resolving the incidents that fall within the competence of the customer support service;
  • Remote online customer support;
  • Processing and routing requests that are not within the competence of the customer support service to the corresponding service of your company.